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Web Solutions

In today’s world, not only having an appealing Website, your Website is a communication platform, featuring the perfect balance of information, functionality and aesthetics. We understand your business and analyse the requirements of your target audience to come up with best-in-class web design services, in addition our client online potentials in terms of web design and functionality. CareerPath Technologies maven team pays meticulous attention to several parameters such as user functionality; consistency in overall layout/look-and-feel; quality of execution, and speed & efficiency of your Website. We have the creativity, technical expertise and global exposure to meet and exceed your expectations every time you opt for the Website design and development services of CareerPath Technologies .

Website Design Services:

  • Visualization
  • HTML Coding
  • Graphic Designing
  • Flash Presentation & Animation
  • Java Scripting

Our Web designers initially prepare sample layouts including Website structure/navigation links to give you a fair idea of the look, feel and functionality of the Website. Once it matches your creative vision and business goals, we will develop the entire Website and implement the functionalities you have asked for.

facets of your organization benefit from the system. Since WCMS is web-based, users can also update content from any Internet connection—anywhere in the world. As your needs grow, CareerPath Technologies expands to meet them. CareerPath Technologies will construct the information architecture of your site so that users can easily add or delete pages of content when needed. The result is a reduced workload for your IT staff, lower maintenance costs, and speedier updates for your website.


  • HTML-free Publishing
  • Fully Scalable Design
  • Multiple User Permissions
  • Custom Work Flows
  • “Print This” & “Email This”
  • Content Consistency
  • Publishing Approval & Staging
  • Real-time Data Backup
  • Auto-archiving
  • Low Ownership Costs
  • Web Stats Analysis
  • Real-time Publishing
  • Template-based Authoring
  • Audit Trails & Security
  • Scheduled & Delayed Publishing
  • Multiple Site Management
  • Advanced Search
  • Image & File Repository
  • WYSIWYG Environment