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Executive Search & Outsourcing

CareerPath Technologies has over 8 years combined experience recruiting senior-level executive team –and our firm’s sourcing- comes top boards and CEOs, each intensely focused on finding a candidate who exceeds your goal.

Our 100's of clients call on us to find the next generation of true leaders. We believe a successful search comes from the alignment of three critical components:

Executive Serch & Outsourcing

Our search methodology is both rigorous and comprehensive. We use a proprietary candidate assessment model to single out qualified executives who are intelligent, ambitious and empathetic.

Why use Executive Search ?
  • Good candidates do not always apply to advertisements in the daily media
  • Top level executives prefer confidentiality
  • The direct contact is handled by an experienced searcher
  • Suitable candidates are pre-screened and those with a match for both the criteria and personal attributes for the position are selected.
  • To balance the needs of the client and candidate and find a solution that benefits both
  • To take the ‘guessing ’ out of selection
  • Good candidates have to be enticed and courted to move
  • To identify suitable candidates in a similar industry and contact them on behalf of the client
  • There is a high possibility of finding the correct match