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Background Verification

Background Verification

CareerPath deliver a proven suite of background checks that assist businesses in protecting their assets. Our core purpose is to provide checks that enable companies to assess the backgrounds and reputation of individuals. These individuals may be prospective employees, contractors, or business associates. Our checks will enable you to make more informed decisions within the hiring process as well as protecting your integrity and reputation.

It is well documented that a significant percentage of those applying for jobs have lied on their CVs or embellished details in order to secure a desired role.

By hiring a person who has deceived you, either maliciously or naively, you must accept that they may not be able to actually perform the job you will pay them to do. If you hire a person who claims to have a technical degree/qualification where in fact they do not then you may find that your commercial insurance becomes void or your commercial activities become non-compliant in relation to industry standards.

There are also many other issues associated with hiring an individual who has lied to you, including the cost of re-hiring, matters relating to organisational reputation and in some cases exposing yourself to activities such as fraud.

The Employee Check conducted by CareerPath involves the following:

  • Full verification of employment history
  • Verification of education
  • Address & identity verification
  • Credit check, including county court judgments & bankruptcy
  • Directorships check
  • Checks with sanction lists & watch lists for involvement in/association with fraud, money laundering, drugs & related illegal activities
  • News/media search for anything published about their background
  • Checks with regulators & industry/professional bodies where appropriate
  • Verification of memberships & professional qualifications

Delivery within 10 working days.