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Campus hiring & job fair hiring at a glance

Indian campuses are a good ground to find tomorrow’s IT champions. But managing an event on the scale of a large campus interview / hiring makes many IT firms think twice about recruiting talent directly from the learning grounds. Campus hiring event management does not have to be tedious and every IT firm can realize the benefits of such an exercise while keeping associated costs to a minimum.

For over a decade, IT enterprises have partnered with CareerPath for managing numerous campus hiring initiatives with astounding success in procuring the required IT talent pool. CareerPath acts like a bridge between students and corporate IT world. We understand client’s entry-level hiring requirements and get the best talent by conducting campus recruitments in colleges specializing in IT education.

Job Fair hiring

Job fairs are interesting platforms to meet and connect with hundreds of job hunters who otherwise might not have sought jobs in your company. As an employer participating in a job fair, you need recruiters with specialized skills, if you want to walk away with the cream of the crop. Novo can help you manage a recruitment drive at a job fair that"ll successfully save a lot of energy otherwise spent setting up booths, shipping materials and more importantly, stopping star job hunters opting for the job offer from the booth next to you.

We do campus recruitment for colleges specializing in

Our experienced campus hiring event management team takes care of everything from advertising vacancies and screening to selecting suitable applicants for employment. Let us do the tedious task of identifying the colleges best suited for your particular needs and manage the scheduling according to the availability of dates.

  • Engineering Colleges
  • Management Colleges
  • Polytechnic Colleges
  • Graduation Colleges
CareerPath"s campus hiring strengths are

CareerPath’s event management team will help you attract the right candidates and find the best fit by making your company an employer of choice and by building the value of your employment brand.

  • Reduce recruitment cost considerably.
  • Covered 250+ colleges across several states.
  • Campus recruitment conducted in major cities in India.
  • Cordial relationships with placement coordinators of different colleges.
  • Covered colleges even in Tier-II cities .
  • Targeted students from different specializations such as IT, Network Administrators, System Administrators, Desktop Support, Help Desk etc.
Our team can help you with

Based on your IT requirement a team of dedicated recruiters from CareerPath will be assigned to manage the entire job fair and will handle the responsibility for all tactical and strategic activities to

  • Campus-Sponsored Job Fairs
  • Campus-Sponsored Career Days
  • Commercial Professional Job Fairs
  • Commercial Specialty Job Fairs
  • Community Job Fairs

CareerPath skilled recruiters will go beyond a candidate’s appearances, communication skills, and first impressions and make complete analysis of their value to our client’s company before submitting our report to client managers for final approval.

  • Ensure no disconnect exists between recruiters planning the exhibit and the recruiters attending the event.
  • Liaison with the event organizers and make sure your open positions are displayed on the event web site and other places.
  • Provide optimum branding - get listed as an exhibitor in radio or TV ads or garner additional exposure as an event sponsor.
  • Make sure the booth, display graphics and all your printed materials are shipped properly and ensure they make it to the event on time.
  • Man the booth at all times – one never knows when the top candidates will visit the booth, and there’s no guarantee they"ll come back if personnel manning the booth are missing in action.
  • Screen candidates – perform preliminary validation of resume suitability for the job opening.