About Us

CareerPath Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. (CPTIPL) started operations in 2005, in Odisha, India. Our goal is to bring a truly national recruiting experience with local knowledge. Our choice of being a boutique agency is highly appreciated by 100s of our clients who think of us as their in-house unit.

we are ready to help you recruit the best talents to ensure your continued business success. .

We are basically a Human Resource Consulting company specialized in recruitment, training, and consulting arena. Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of HR activities and initiatives. The programmes we design are developed to meet specific organizational needs. The timing of getting services developed is critical to your company's success. We use industry standard methodology to bring you innovative, reliable, cost effective and time-saving solutions. Using the full range of our consulting and implementation skills, we provide a total business solution, tailored to your company's needs.

Whether your needs are for technical graduates/post-graduates or candidates from other professional or general discipline CareerPath has the expertise to help your company grow. We are your CareerPath Technologies.

With extensive database and software alliances we can provide your company with solutions tailored to your specific needs.

" We strive to serve you better.."

Our philosophy – Value recruiting
We believe in delivering value to all stakeholders in the recruitment process. We achieve this by doing the following:
  • Get to know the real needs of recruiters and candidates
  • Thorough analysis of candidates vis-a-vis job openings
  • Methodical filtering to match only a few right candidates for the role
This results in
  • Tremendous saving of time and effort for all
  • Increased job satisfaction for candidates
  • Higher employee retention benefitting all
Our Values
  • Integrity, Professionalism, Dependability

mission & Vision

Our mission is to make it possible for people all over the India to make smart career decisions that lead to highly productive, vital, and fulfilling lives. Since 2005, CareerPath has helped over 6,000+ people nationally make well-thought out career choices. Our expertise can help you fully understand your innate potential, and if you're up to it, we can also show you what it takes to apply your natural abilities to put yourself on course to make a real difference.

A world where the majority of people are doing what they do best, and care about what they do. How fun would that place be? Imagine how fast and efficiently we'd solve major problems, and how high the quality of our work would be. Hey, the animal kingdom is already there—just ask your dog!